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Ditch The Budget Podcast

Ditch The Budget Podcast

Hosted by: Heidi Rumohr

You are a mom that knows you need a financial plan, but even though you make a good income, after the bills get paid, there is rarely enough leftover to put into savings, insurance or investing. Join licensed...

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Ep. 044: 3 Steps to Manifesting Your Dream Life

  Last week, I talked about what manifesting is and what it isn't.  In case you missed it, check out Ep. 043: Manifesting is Bull$h!t. This week- I'm taking you through the three steps I've used to manifest the life I...
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Ep. 043: Manifesting is Bull$h!t

I'll admit-- 5 or 6 years ago, I thought manifesting meant sitting a circle, closing your eyes, and singing.  I thought manifesting was total bull$h!t.   Now- I spend time manifesting every morning- It's part of my...
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Ep. 042: Are You In Scarcity Mode?

I had so much fun on social media when I shared a story about wanting to make over 500K this year.  The responses were eye opening not about my own goals, but about the way others view themselves and their money. I'm...
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Ep. 041: Facing Challenges in Reaching Financial Goals

 This week, I explore 4 common challenges that my clients face when working to reach their financial goals.   Boundaries and Control Getting Aligned with Spouse/Partner Establishing Sinking Funds Overwhelm:...
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Ep. 040: Defining Your Financial Goals

Up this week in the Spring Clean Series, I take you from last week's episode on reflecting about where you're starting from, to beginning to define your goals. Begin with,"How do you want to feel?"   This is where...
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Ep. 039: Start Where You Are

We're still Spring Cleaning Our Finances. The last episode, "Success Is Inevitable" focused on beliefs around finances. This week, Start Spring Cleaning Your Finances- WHERE YOU ARE. Listen in for some guiding...
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Ep. 038: Success Is Inevitable

Springtime is a messy season where I live. Melting snow, rain, dead grass, and remnants of winter make a muddy mess. But spring is also the season to plant seeds that will grow into the flowers of summer and the...
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Ep. 037: Money Clutter Pt. 2

 "Which came first, the money belief or the money clutter?"  I explore this age-old 'which came first' question because our money beliefs and money clutter are so intertwined.  Our beliefs impact our emotions thus...
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Ep. 036: Money Clutter

  This episode introduces a complicated subject: Money Clutter.   As I reflect on my money history, I often felt unsafe about 'money'.  Can I really afford this?  What happens if I lose my job? I would wait until the...
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Ep. 035: Cashflow Confessions: Empowerment in Money Dates

The first "Cashflow Confessions" episode is with Brianne MacKenzie, host of The Get Sh*t Done podcast.   This episode is jam packed with Ditch the Budget sweetness beginning with a discussion about money mindset. ...
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Ep. 034: Increase Investments with Money You Didn't Know You Already Have

Be sure to listen in this week for a strategy to increase your retirement investments and increase your tax refund all with money you didn't even know you already have! This week, I walk you through how to use Wealth...
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Ep. 033: Money Milestones

Saving for retirement seems to be one those things that we put on the back burner.  It feels like a faraway, magical land that we may or may not every really get to- unless you're talking to someone who is right in...
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