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Meet Heidi Rumohr!

HI!  I'm Heidi.  Cash Flow Mama.  Insurance Specialist.  Debt Crusher.
My philosophy is to be intentional with how you spend your hard earned dollars and clean up inefficiencies with how your cash flow works.  Protect your family using the least amount of insurance as possible, (because who wants to pay for insurance?!), save adequately for the future with ease, all the while enjoying today!  On average, I find my clients between $300 and $1200 of money that is not working efficiently for them and we reallocate that towards their financial goals. 
I've spent the last 17 yrs in the financial services industry focusing on training financial advisors in turning complex insurance strategies into easy to understand and implement solutions. 
During that time, I became frustrated creating financial plans for clients only to hear that a client that makes a healthy income, can’t afford the plan they NEED because of their current financial obligations. A passion was born for helping clients improve cash flow!  I help you to free up money to allocate towards debt repayment, protection plans (life insurance, etc), savings and retirement solutions.  
They say when you find a career that you truly love, you will never work a day in your life -- and I couldn't agree more!
On a personal level, I'm married to a wonderfully patient man, Lee....mama of 2 little boys aged 3 and 2...lover of all things sports and laundry (yes I’m the weirdo that likes doing laundry!) who has personally avoided over $70,000 in household debt by fully funding our wedding and IVF journey with smart savings and an efficient cash flow plan. 
On a formal side, my designations include: B.A. (Sociology), LLQP, CHS, EPC and I can be found on LinkedIn here - LinkedIN profile
I look forward to working with you and turning your financial dreams into reality!

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