Fix Your Finances!

You make a good income but can't quite seem to get ahead. 

You pay your bills on time, yet you aren't sure why there isn't any money left over. 

You are TIRED of feeling guilty buying a $6 latte when you make a good income. 

You are are READY to get ahead.  You are ready to improve your cash flow.  Fix your Finances will do just that!

Improve Cash Flow

You are ready to plug the money leaks and spend your money in alignment with your financial goals.

Eliminate Debt

See your debt disappear quickly with a debt repayment strategy which aligns with your spending behaviour.

Build Wealth

See your wealth grow as we allocate found money to fund your future self without compromising living and spending for today!


Hamster wheel of paying bills and feeling guilty for spending your money on YOU.  Paying debt off slowly and feeling like it will never be gone!  Often times, we are unconsciously spending more money than we think!


Spending your money in alignment with your financial goals AND not sacrificing your $6 latte or monthly massage.  Eliminating your financial stress has never been this easy!

Hi! I'm Heidi!

I'm a married mom of 2 young boys, aged 6 and 5. As a licensed insurance advisor and money coach, I have spent the last 20 years in financial services creating beautiful insurance plans for clients only to have them say "I can't afford that"....and they truly couldn't. And it broke my heart.

They had great careers and household incomes, and from the outside should have been able to afford the insurance and investment strategies that I was recommending BUT they had a cash flow issue.

Too much money was flowing out of their account without intention. My first job was to show them how spot their money leaks, plug them and then implement their recommended financial plans which aligned with their financial goals.

From here my passion to help women improve their finances and take back control of their money was born and I haven't looked back!

My clients are working women, stay at home moms and work at home moms from Canada and the US who want to reduce their financial stress without being on a restrictive budget or using complicated spreadsheets. They want to buy that $7 latte but also pay down debt and fund their kitchen reno. I show them how to do this, and I can show you too!

How My Fix Your Finances Method Can Help:

Here is just some of what you can expect:
  • 6 module self paced course, with lifetime digital access.
  • Prep week.

This is where we will get all the info gathered to start implementing some amazing and sustainable changes to how you handle your finances. We dive into your money mindset and how it guides your money making decisions. I’ll outline the course and how you will get maximum results from it.

  • Module 1 - Get Real.
This is where we figure out what your financial goals are, and what has been holding you back to achieving them. We will determine some fun short term goals to keep you motivated throughout the process and also get to the root cause of why you might be overspending or under saving. We also get to the root cause of why your are not in the financial position you want to be in.
  • Module 2 - Create your cash flow plan.
Throw out what you think you know about budgeting. This plan will no longer tell you how much you get to spend at Starbucks, you get to decide how to spend your hard earned money. We find any inefficiencies with how you are currently managing your cash flow and on average, find $300-1200 of money to reallocate towards your goals. This is NOT DIY - I will be customizing your plan right along side with you (privately of course) so you never feel alone in the process.
  • Module 3 - Save and Protect.
This is where we implement the plan to include areas where you might have neglected in the past. We will set up your saving for retirement, your kids' education as well as any insurance plans, wills and power of attorneys. You get to see your plan in action and the best of it, since we are using the found money in week 3, it doesn’t feel like you are spending any more income! Plus my philosophy when it comes to insurance is to spend the least amount possible! Start the car!
  • Module 4 - Tackle your debt.
While we will have an amount of money set aside to crush your debt from module 2, here is where we figure out exactly the right approach to eliminate it the fastest way possible that feels in alignment to your goals and/or avoid debt with future purchases.
  • Bonus - Refine and tweak.
You have access to a previously recorded Q&A wrap up call. It will help to make sure your questions are answered and also see if you need to make any initial tweaks to the plan. Plans can look great on paper, but if in practice it’s not working for you, then we adjust!
WOW right?!
But there’s more! Check out these amazing bonuses:
  • Teach your kids about money BONUS Module.
Let’s face it, we all would probably be better off if we learned about managing our finances in school. So give your kids a leg up with this bonus module. Great for kids aged 5-18.
  • Grocery Overhaul BONUS Module.
Spending money on groceries can be such a variable expense and one where if you can gain control in how you spend in this area, your cash flow plan will work amazingly well. Topics include meal planning, family dinners, meal prep and grocery shopping.
  • Sinking Fund Workshop BONUS Module.

Learn what a sinking fund is and how it can dramatically increase your ability to pay for things in cash!  Save with ease once you set these up and never worry about how to pay for Christmas again!

  • NEW!!!  Money Manifestations BONUS Module.

Learn how to bring financial abundance into your life!  Understanding the science behind how manifesting works and what common mistakes to avoid to help you reach your wildest financial goals!  This is a game changer! 

  • Voxer access me during the course (access for the entire 4 months) Monday - Friday 9am-5pm EST. Have a quick question? Send me a quick message in Voxer and we will tackle it right away! No need to wait.
  • 4 x 30 min calls with me to keep you on track with getting the transformation you desire.  We will define your goals, understand your money mindset, get to the root cause of spending, go through your customized plans together AND talk about how to implement it effectively.
  • Customized Cash Flow plan based on your unique financial situation
  • Customized Debt Repayment plan based on your unique financial situation
  • Implementation guide to help you put everything in motion quickly with ease.
  • 2 cash flow plan reviews - the first one at 6 months and the second one after 1 year to make sure your plan works on paper AND in practice!

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Client Love for Fix Your Finances:

Sarah W. 

Single mom of 2 kids, she went from unconsciously spending and not sure how to get everything in order to taking back control!

Karen H.

Married mama of 2, she went from putting everyone else first and bleeding money with debt payments, to putting money aside for emergencies, tackling her debt AND still finding money to buy something important - a new bed!

Candace M.

Married teacher, and (like me!) can justify most purchasing decisions.  She was able to really improve her cash flow and make financial decisions in alignment with her financial goals! Way to go!

Take back control!

Your financial picture can look radically different.  Take back control of your money, pay off your debt and reach your financial dreams.  You in?

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